Beauty in the everyday

6 August, 2016 Turkey

Rushing through life it's so very easy to get caught up in where we're going, where we're supposed to be that we forget where we currently are, the spaces we are in and walking through to reach our destinations. One of the reasons I love street photography is that it makes you stop and take notice. It trains you to be aware of your surroundings, to soak them in, analyse them and appreciate them. Suddenly the seemingly mundane things take on a different depth of meaning and start to tell a story. This is true of nearly any street you walk down in any city in any country.

On a recent visit to Istanbul I was leaving my AirBnB apartment, located on a cobbled side street, to make a visit to the Blue Mosque, one of the most marvellous attractions of Turkey, let alone Istanbul. I stepped outside and was greeted cheerily by my AirBnB host, sitting on the pavement outside his carpet shop working intently on his latest colourful creation. The scene immediately struck me as so bright and colourful with a wonderful simplicity to it. He was set against the backdrop of his playfully home painted shop front wearing an equally coloured checked shirt, happy in a world of his own. To passers- by this was an everyday occurrence on their local streets, but for me there was a beautiful richness to it. A simplicity in someone working their trade, colour, composition and a happiness in the everyday all present at once.

some of the most joyous moments and scenes are the ones we’ve allowed ourselves to become blind to

I postponed my trip to the Blue Mosque to stop and capture this. Moments like this need their time in the sun too, they are the ones that add that little spark and character to a city’s identity. We are all guilty of overlooking the simple repetitiveness of everyday life, shrugging it off as monotonous routine. When in fact some of the most joyous moments and scenes are the ones we’ve allowed ourselves to become blind to.