Milford Sound, New Zealand

08 March, 2016 New Zealand

Travel to one of the four corners of the world and you will find yourself in the breath taking country of New Zealand. Travel for adventure, for fun, for magic and scenic wonders and you will find yourself here. Travel for remoteness, to lose and find yourself all at once and you will find yourself in the mystic fjord lands of the South Island, where after 3 weeks of adrenaline filled road trips, gravity defying mountain leaps, natural thermal wonders and nights beneath the stars is where I found myself.

Even the bus trip to this stunning destination left me in awe. Sheer winding roads through mountain terrain left me transfixed to the window unable to avert my gaze. Upon arrival it was clear I was disconnected from the real world as we have come to define it - no mobile signals, no radio, television or WIFI - just me and what surrounded me, and what an environment that was. I awoke crestfallen on my first night there to the sound of torrential rain. I got up early in the morning determined to make the most of a break in the showers and headed to the small pier with only birdsong breaking the silence.

I stood and took in the majesty of the emotional scene before me, untouched by man

The sight that awaited me left me speechless. Clouds hung low on the snow capped mountains and rolled moodily through the vales between them. A deep rumble echoed throughout the fjord. Goosebumps ran through me as I started to count and lost track at 84 waterfalls tumbling down the mountain faces. The mountains had begun to cry.

I stood and took in the majesty of the emotional scene before me, untouched my man. I set up my camera to capture what was an almost completely natural monochrome shot before me, white snow on black mountains, atmospheric greys throughout the sky, all reflected beautifully in the still waters. It's easy to forget sometimes that the real world is the natural one that was here long before we were, we are just lucky enough to be inhabiting it today, and need to enjoy it while we can.