08 March, 2017 Scotland, UK

“In the fire of images, gladly I put my hand” George Mackay Brown.

Vivid words to evoke vivid imagery from George Mackay Brown. This is one of many quotes which proudly take its place on a flagstone in the courtyard of the Writer’s Museum in Edinburgh, and one which is particularly fitting to this country. Scotland is nothing if not scenic, yet it goes a step beyond that again. Leave the cities and towns behind and venture to the Highlands where an aura seems to lie amongst the mountains and cascades over waterfalls. There is something soulful in the wild air here. Scotland is spellbinding. In the mere space of a few hours it will pull you in and for your stay you will belong here and nowhere else. I gladly surrendered and immersed myself in everything that lay before me.

Energy, serenity, and a multitude of palpable moods convene here waiting to be felt and captured.

Around Glencoe roads wind for miles with the natural terrain, it is the land of roads less travelled and lost signals. Buchaille Etive Mor, Glen Etive and The Three Sisters are but some of the natural attractions to be found here. It is the perfect location to reconnect with nature, whatever she is in the mood for! Scotland is a country of temperamental weather which only adds flavour to its intrigue. From serene dusks where Castle Stalker reflects in Loch Linnhe, ethereal sunrises to envy the world over to powerful winds and horizontal rain whipping around you with stubborn low hanging mists hiding mountains from view. Its unpredictability, its rugged beauty and sheer power will bring your senses to life. It rewards those who persevere, where the breakthrough moments of light and sun at dawn are sights to marvel over. Energy, serenity, and a multitude of palpable moods convene here waiting to be felt and captured.

  • After an action packed tour of the Glencoe area I made my way to the beautiful Edinburgh to be greeted by a striking urban identity I had never encountered before. If you want a city to yourself to escape to, Edinburgh is a perfect choice. Within minutes I was besotted with the Old Town. Edinburgh has managed to retain its historical character in an almost whimsical manner. Its narrow streets combined with medieval architecture whisked me back in time on a romantic journey with the town as it guided me through, revealing surprises as I went. Not unlike the Highlands a hint of magic lies in the air here. Hidden vaults, and writer’s homes, artists markets and two tiered streets were just some of the treasures I encountered along the way with being treated to framed views of its ultimate crowning glory as I went. Edinburgh castle stands tall and proud, carved out of the hill-side keeping watch over its city, rugged and beautiful, like all of Scotland. Scotland is a mesmerising inferno of images that I know I will gladly reach into again and again.

    Special thanks to Explore Light for their wonderful location scouting and early morning motivation in the Highlands